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KARASU MERMER is a hi-tech natural stone manufacturer with a wide range of products and Premium solutions. KARASU MERMER supplies a wide range of natural Stones worldwide with its over 30 years of experience, KARASU MERMER takes customers’ satisfaction as a priority through the use of QA/QC procedures.

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We started our journey since 1988

Prized Business Partners of KARASU MERMER and very dear Employees;

Our company has been providing services with qualified human resources since 1988, following our principle of “Quality in production and service” has brought us the success of being a preferred brand.

Being a Pioneer company in our sector, the timely fulfillment of our commitments in the best quality, being able to work on complex expertise demanding projects, working with qualified and competent professionals, working under difficult conditions and complying with ethical principles will always be our most important priorities.

As a client of KARASU, you can always expect the best results and solutions regardless of the tough circumstances of the project or tight schedules and deadlines.




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Our Quality Policies


Occupational Health and Safety.

Karasu; aims to become a world-class company by satisfying the expectations of its customers and third parties for its reliability. The objective of Karasu is now to be the best with its "ZERO ACCIDENT" sense. Within this framework, The HS Policy is to protect the employees working in Karasu, the related construction sites, machinery tools, equipment and offices used, the data produced, environment and individuals around, the just and hard-earned trust and image created on the customers and third parties from the each and every kind of pollution, danger and accident that may result from our business operations and using energy and natural resources efficiently. Of the above mentioned issues, being irrevocable and threat to the safety of human beings is and will always be our overriding concern. For that reason, if and when Karasu is faced with a choice, the safety of human beings will always precede cost.

The only way to achieve and sustain "ZERO ACCIDENT" target of Karasu to embed out HS Policy across a documented and continuously improved management system that can ve implemented independen of individuals.

Customer Satisfaction

The Quality Assurance System has been developed and implemented based on the international ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. .The customer satisfaction related targets and commitments at Karasu are defined by its executives vested with the responsibility of implementing its Quality Management Policy. The said implementation has been executed by the dedicated and unconditional participation of all Karasu employees within the framework of the principles that are stated in the Quality Management Manual. .

Quality Management

Karasu will ensure that the said HS policy is comprehensible at every level of its institution, applicable to all its businesses and processes, sustainable and continuously improved by the way of the lessons learned from undesired deviations .

Environmental Consciousness

In Karasu, each employee, his/her own health and safey having the firs priority, is responsible for working and employing others without causing any threat to others, goods, machines, data, image, the environment and energy efficiency, monitoring others' compliance to Environment Policy; warning non-compliance occurs; determining all factors and processes critical safety; requesting realted training; taking necessary precautions; complying and causing the compliance with the associated system and instructions; and effectively getting involved in and contributing to the sustainable improvement of all of the above. .

The only way to achieve and sustain "ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS" target of Karasu to embed out Environment Policy across a documented and continuously improved management system that can ve implemented independen of individuals.

Social Responsibility

We are designing and constructing sustainable projects and structures with low maintenance costs and natural stone materials, not only for the good of Karasu but also aiming to give a positive touch to social development as a responsibility. .