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Karasu Marble is a “Natural Stone Manufacturer” since 1988, We have a reputable range of finished/raw; Marble, Granite and Quartz products with “Premium” solutions.
We stay focused on the expectations and requirements of our customers.


Dear All

Welcome to Karasu Marble, your # 1 source for all kinds of “Natural Stone Products"

We are dedicated to provide you high quality, unique and premium natural stone products with endless possibilities.

Karasu Marble was founded in 1988 and has come a long way from its beginings. When I first started out, my passion was to provide most unique and premium products to the market. This gave me the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a ground gaining company.
Now we provide premium products to customers in Europe and Africa, and we are thrilled to be a success rate upgrading company in marble industry.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Our Quality Policies


Enviromental Health and Safety

Karasu Marble aims to be an international company by fullfilling the requirements of its customers and other third parties by showing its reliability.
We are committed to provide safe and clean work environment for the well being of our employee, also to conduct our business worldwide in a responsible manner that protects human health and the environment through observance of all applicable laws and regulations.

Our object is: to behave accordingly with our “zero accident promise” because we believe that; our staff, machinery, commodities and enviroment we live in are our indespensible assets which we should pay utmost attention to protect, by implementing our HSE Codes, we are doing our best to reach this target.

Customer Satisfaction

We have developed and implemented the Quality Assurance System based on ISO-9001 Quality Management System. This system is fully operational as set forth by the manual with the great contributions of our dedicated employees and management.

Enviromental Awareness

Karasu Marble is fully aware that we need to sustainably manage our planet’s resources and ecosystems. This awareness will help us understand the fragile state of our environment and importance of its protection. It is the only means by which we can ensure our descendants a clean and healthy environment to live in.

To promote environmental awareness in our company, we have planned to manage informational and inspirational seminars, environmental books and brochures, also investing in appropriate technologies like using power efficient appliances and electrical products, Proper maintenance of diesel vehicles and on time services to control air pollution, Buying reusable products such as glass bottles, reusable bags and cups, Started composting and recycling, which will help us cut down our waste production.

We believe that beneficial activities we do towards the environment are sure to promote sustainable development and a brighter future for the generations to come.

Social Responsibility

Karasu believes that, we have a duty to use our society’s power for the greater good. In other words, we have an obligation to pay it back by somehow helping the people who make up the community. We ensure that our products and services are safe for public consumption. We provide scholarships and assist university students by offering them partime jobs in our company. We have joining the local Chamber of Commerce and attending the events, we believe it has the dual benefit of getting support and helping strengthen the local community. Our main goal in performing social responsibility, is to take care of our employees, so we will get a loyal and dedicated work-force, as a reward.